The Journey (Part 5)

Why is this journey so long?  Why haven’t we reached His kingdom yet?  I don’t know how much further I can walk.  Most of this journey,  I have felt like I am walking wounded.  Bruises and cuts, whether inflicted by myself or others, barely have time to heal before more hits are delivered.  I don’t have the strength to raise my shield in the attacks.  Instead, I keep taking hit after hit after hit; sometimes, I’m not even standing back up before I get hit again.

Battered and bruised I go to the King.  I ask questions, but rarely receive the answer I want to hear.  Instead, He gently holds me close; so close I can hear His heartbeat.  “I’m hurt, Father.  I don’t think I can continue.  If I get hit one more time, I might not get back up.”
“I know.  Every time you are hurt, I hurt too.  Every time you cry, My heart breaks.  But, this is the road you must travel.  This is the road which will strengthen your faith in My love for you.  This road will teach you to believe what I say is true of you, rather than the lies that are hurting you.”
“Why can’t you just whisk me away to your kingdom?”
“Because you have more to learn about My love for you and to understand about who I am.”
“But it is hard and I’m weary.”
“Come to Me when you are weary.  Draw your strength from Me.  Take what you need from Me.  When you cannot walk, I will carry you.  For now, lay your head down and rest.  I will watch over you.  You are safe.”

Crying, I lay my head on His chest and He wraps His arms around me.  I fall asleep listening to the sound of His heartbeat.


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