My head and heart are so full that I don’t think my fingers can type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts.  I want to scream, cry, jump up and down, pump my fist in the air, twirl in circles, shout; in short, I want to celebrate.  Why?  Because tonight I watched God’s faithfulness in action.  I was witness to God answering the long prayers of many people as Redeemer Presbyterian Church was particularized.  God provided men to stand as elders in our church, brothers to help shoulder the burden of our pastors and shepherd the flock.  This has been a long, and sometimes difficult, process.  At times, despair whispered in our ears causing us to wonder if this would ever happen.  Yet, even in the midst of our doubts, God remained faithful.  He continued to work His plan in His way even when we wondered if He was still working.  He never left us, never forsook us, and never stopped loving us.  In fact, all of this was evidence of His love for us.  Lessons learned, truths discovered, battles fought, and relationships built were all part of the process He guided us through.  Our church would not be what it is now if God had taken us down an easier or shorter path.  We still have much to learn and many more areas to experience growth.  Yet, through it all His way is perfect.  His steadfast love never fails.


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