Can I ask you a question?

As a junior high math teacher, I have lost count of the number of times my students have asked, “Can I ask you a question?” Most of the time, they don’t bother with seeking permission; they just ask their questions. They are comfortable enough in our student/teacher relationship to know that they can ask and I will answer (if I can). 🙂

As a Christian, I don’t always realize that I can do the same thing with my Heavenly Father. He invites my questions; He wants me to seek to understand. In Isaiah 1:18, we are told “Come now, let us reason together” and if we read Job chapters 38-41, we see how God answers Job. Notice, He never condemns Job for seeking answers; He doesn’t rebuke Him for asking questions.

I can ask my Father questions when I don’t understand.  I may not always get an answer, but I’m still encouraged to keep seeking and asking.  Keep the communication lines open.  Asking questions is part of the relationship.  The hard part is figuring out what to do when you don’t get the answers you want.  How do I move forward and keep trusting when He is silent?

The answer to that is counter-intuitive, at least for me.  It takes faith to trust Him and to keep moving when I don’t understand what is going on.  Where does the faith come from?  He gives it.  Did you catch that?  I forget that frequently.  He gives us the faith to trust Him when we don’t have answers.  He not only wants us to trust Him; He gives us what we need to do so.

I am invited to sit in my Father’s lap and say, “Can I ask You a question?”


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