The Journey (Part 3)

As I continue to travel with the King, I am constantly caught off guard.  I expected that traveling with the King would protect me from attacks by the enemy.  Instead, the opposite seems to be true.  I repeatedly face assault from various sides.  And not in the way I expect.

The enemy doesn’t attack with swords or spears.   This enemy attacks with lies and doubts.  He sneaks into the camp and whispers to me that this King doesn’t really love me, doesn’t really want me in His kingdom.  He tells me that I was right in thinking I don’t belong with this King.  He reminds me of my scars and wounds, of the battles I have fought and continue to fight, telling me I am not a part of this royal family.   The enemy speaks louder and more often than the King, so it is harder to fight against him.  I ask myself, “what if he is right?”

Then, I notice something.  As we have traveled, it not simply me traveling with the King.  Our party has grown.  A great host has joined us; people who have known the King and traveled with Him for a long time.  As we walk, they tell me more about the King–His faithfulness, His love, how He cares for His people.  They tell me stories of how He has proven to be faithful and loving and true time and time again.  They remind me that He has chosen and accepted me to be part of His royal family.


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