Must you hear the words?

So, while doing homework this evening, I was half-watching reruns of “Beauty and the Beast”– show from the late-80s/early-90s.  I was barely watching and only half-listening, when a line jumped out at me.

Must you hear the words before you trust?…..
“If your heart does not trust, then no words I can speak will help.”

I’m not even sure what the story line was; I just remember losing the ability to focus when I heard that line.  It so accurately describes how I have lived most of my life, and how I have approached my relationship with God the Father.  I need the reassurances before I will move forward.  I need something concrete–something I can hear, see, touch–before I’m willing to step out in faith.  Yet, if the something concrete were provided, where would be the need for trust?  If God gave me what (I think) I want—to know before I take each step, how it will turn out–where would be the need for faith?  For dependence?

Even more interesting is the number of times someone has said the words, pointed me to scripture and shown me “Thus says the Lord…”, and yet I still refuse to trust.   The flip side of that is do I pray for that trust?  Do I realize that I cannot stir that trust or faith up within my own heart?  That it must come from my Heavenly Father?  Faith is a gift.


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